Coronavirus is still influencing all cinema lovers, delaying the release of more movies. The situation is no different on the festival market, where festivals still cancel their this year's editions, transfer them to later dates or host them online. Despite that, some Polish titles will have a chance to be presented to an international audience.

In the first week of July will bring, among others, screenings of one of the most popular acting shorts of last year: "Play" by Piotr Sułkowski and "Red" by Karina Węgiełek. The first one will be showcased in the Swedish Not So Happy Film Festival competition, the second one has the chance to be awarded at the Brazilian Fest Cine Pedra Azul. "Play" will also be presented at the ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival in Canada.

In July two Italian festivals will take place, where we will see a total of five Polish animations. Marta Shup's "Such A Beautiful Town" and Barbara Rupik's "The Little Soul" will be showcased in the the ShorTS International Film Festival competition. In turn, during the Lago Film Fest - International Festival of Independent Cinema, viewers will have the opportunity to watch "Guilt" by Marcjanna Urbańska and "The Hunt" by Mateusz Jarmulski. Jola Bańkowska's "Story" also qualified for both festivals.

In Vienna, at the dotdotdot festival will include screening of the film "Three Women On a Bench" by Karolina Borgiasz, and at the same time, on the other side of Europe, the Spanish Islantilla Cineforum will take place, where in Węgiełek’s “Red” will be presented in the competition section. Also in Spain, at the Animakom Fest in Bilbao, Piotr Dumała's "Last Supper" and Bańkowska's "Story" will compete for awards.

The other four screenings of Polish short films will be held in the Balkans. Rupik's "Little Soul" was included in the Croatian Tabor Film Festival competition, in Kosovo. Jakub Radej's "Ricochets" will be screened during the twelfth edition of PriFest in Northern Macedonia. Marcin Podolec's "Colaholic" will compete at the at the AsterFest International Film Festival and at the same at the end of July Polish shorts will return to Croatia, where Maciej Kawalski's "Atlas" will be screened at Postira Seaside.