This year's RojaL Film Festival turned out to be particularly generous for the Polish representation of short films. The main prize was won by Maciej Buchwałd's film, and the Audience Award was given to "Play" by Piotr Sułkowski.

The three-day RojaL Film Festival celebrated its tenth birthday in 2020. It is not only devoted to films, but offers its visitors a wide program focused on music and art. Its goal is to make culture go beyond the walls of the city of Riga and broaden the horizons not only of art connoisseurs, but also of its young adepts. The tenth anniversary of the RojaL festival could not be more successful for Poles. Maciej Buchwałd's "Happiness" received the main film prize, while Piotr Sułkowski added the Audience Award to his substantial collection of awards for the film "Play".

“Happiness” is a comedy about ordinary human longings, dreams and a perverse fate. It is spanned oved one winter afternoon and night. Joanna, Tadeusz, Mariusz and Julia are all looking for peace, success and love. Sometimes, however, what is most needed for happiness is… happiness.

“Play” tells the story of a man consumed by guilt for not daring to defend his mother. He takes on the role of her murderer and forces the ten-year-old self to face the trauma.