This weekend, Piotr Sułkowski added more awards to the already substantial collection of prizes won by his film. This time "Play” won at the ReelHeART festival in Canada.

The Canadian ReelHeART festival focuses on the promotion of international, independent films regardless of their genre or length. During the event you can see feature films, documentaries and animations, both full-length and short forms. ReelHeART also has a separate competition for scenarios that haven’t made it to screen yet. This year, the 16th edition of the competition has already taken place, for the first time in an online form.

"Play" by Piotr Sułkowski, competing with films from around the world, has received two awards in Canada: Best International Short Film and Best Film Short. The festival's main prize, Best of Fest, was won ex aequo by German films "Alive" and "Poison and the City".

"Play" showcases the story of a man, who is eaten away by feeling guilty for a time when he didn’t come to his mother’s defense. He plays the role of her killer and forces his 10-year-old self to face his trauma.