Diploma fiction film by Łukasz Ostalski, entitled "The Mother" has already been given six awards and honourable mentions. This time, at the third edition of the festival Tetova International Film Festival ODA that were the producers of the film who received the award.

"The Mother" is the story of  Małgorzata (Danuta Stenka), who is an important politician.  When her son - a drug addict (Rafał Fudalej) needs help, the woman goes to her cottage at the lake and also asks her daughter for help. On the spot, they find the semi-conscious boy and  massacred body of a young girl.  In the face of the tragedy, their mutual relationships get complicated, revealing hidden grudges. The mother must take the most difficult decision in her life.

Łukasz Ostalski is the graduate of Gdynia Film School, where he made his film "The Mother." The award for "The Mother" - acclaimed the best film of the festival - went to the film's producers, Leszek Kopeć and Jerzy Rados - associated with Gdynia Film School.  The jury gave the following explanation: "The film directed by Łukasz Ostalski is well known for mastering the language of film, screenplay, perfectly directed, with a functional camera and certainly with excellent actors." The third edition of the festival ODA was held from 27th to 31st May in Tetovo, Macedonia.

Gdynia Film School was founded in January 2010 at the initiative of the Mayor of Gdynia - Wojciech Szczurek, Leszek Kopeć - the Director of Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, Robert Gliński – the Rector of the National Film School in Łódź and Jerzy Rados – the originator and the executor of the Pomeranian Film Workshops.
So far, "The Mother" by Łukasz Ostalski has participated in 26 international film festivals. Later this month, the film will be shown at the festivals in Spanish Valentia and Huesca as well as the Portuguese Espinho.

You can find out more about the festival on its official website