On June 25 was held the closing ceremony of the 37th Durban International Film Festival. "Grandma's Day" by Miłosz Sakowski won the award in the Republic of South Africa.

Durban International Film Festival is one the largest festivals in South Africa, every year presenting about 200 films from Africa and around the world. During this year's edition, the film "Grandma's Day" by Miłosz Sakowski was chosen the best short film in the international competition.

"Grandma's Day" is a story about Tomek, who needs money. He cheats an elderly woman, pretending to be her grandson. When it seems that everything goes according to the plan, the woman suddenly unmasks the impostor and locks him up in her apartment.  The elderly woman offers him a deal. Tomek will get the money, but he has to pretend to be her grandson when the social worker comes to check whether the infirm woman is cared for by her family. If he sees that she is not - the woman will be forced to move to a nursing home.  

The list of the award-winners in on the festival's website.