Good news come to us from Italy. The film "Milky Brother" by Vahram Mkhitaryan won the Best Short Film Award at Ischia Film Festival.

This year, 14th edition of Ischia Film Festival was held in Italy. The films were evaluated by the jury consisting of Margarethe von Trotta (the president of the jury), Catherine Dussent and Anorak Strechel. "Milky Brother" was chosen by them the Best Short Film. The jury appreciated the feature film for the ability to tell the story from the perspective of a little boy in such a way that the whole appears natural and convincing.

"Milky Brother" is a story of a little boy called Seto, who lives in a small village in Armenia. Soon, a new member of the family is to be born. Seto dreams about a baby brother, but the newborn baby dies. Instead of a little brother, a lamb appears in the boy's life. Initial dislike quickly turns into liking - and friendship is born between Seto and the lamb. Unfortunately, not for long. The decision of the family means that the boy has to say goodbye to his "milky brother."

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