Over a month ago ended the festival MIFEC in Portugal. However, it is never too late to deliver good information – the film "Liar" returned from the festival with a special mention.

The student film festival MIFEC, organised in Portugal, was held from May 17 to 21 May. This year, the festival started for the 13th time. The jury consisted of: Liliia Nemchenko (Russia), Anastasia Coda (Moldova), Anja Strelec (Croatia), Alfonso Palazón (Spain) and Anabela Oliveira (Portugal) and it was them who decided to award the Special Mention to the film "Liar" by Maciej Wiktor. 

"Liar" tells the story of Piotr, who returns from emigration to his home country, which he left as a child. He establishes contact with his only family, the eccentric uncle Henryk and aunt Barbara. However, when Piotr delves into the family history in search of truth, he comes across a nightmare instead of an idyll.

The full list of the award-winning films is here.