On Monday, June 13, starts a new edition of the festival in Annecy, and on June 15 - the MIFA market, which accompanies the festival.

The festival is held in France since 1960. It is one of the most important and one of the oldest festivals in Europe, dedicated to animated film. Every year, it attracts over 150 thousands of viewers, and it also turns into a meeting place of professionals connected to the animated film industry, coming from around the world.

This year, four Polish films are included in the programme of the 40th Animated Film Festival in Annecy, which will be held from 13 to 18 June.

The film by Michalina Musialik "I, the Animal" will compete for the award in the student film competition. It is an animated allegory of the birth of hatred in a Nazi costume. It was made in the Lodz Film School, and in the graduation film competition, it will compete against 53 films from around the world.

"Basia" is an animated TV series produced by Grupa Smacznego, based on the series of books by Zofia Stanecka, Marianna Oklejak and Dorota Nowacka. The director of the series is Marcin Wasilewski. "Basia" will compete for the best television production award with 28 films.

Polish films are also included in the non-competing sections of the festival. Among 31 short animated film from various continents, the films "Perpetuum Mobile" by Piotr Kamler and the animated film "Signum" by Witold Giersz will be shown. In "Signum," Giersz refers to the Lascaux paintings to pay tribute to the first masters of painting. The artist uses classic painted animation and natural pigments - clay and burned coal, whereas stones and fragments of rock play the role of the canvas.

At the festival, there is also the largest animated film market in the world, MIFA, during which, apart from the presentations of the latest film-making technologies, at the exhibition market, the accredited festival guests will have access to a video collection with a database of animated films. MIFA also becomes the place of many industry meetings, master class lectures and presentations. The market is visited by producers, commissioning editors for the animated film channels, as well as numerous artists and representatives of institutions and authors and art and design students. The programme of the industry events includes pitchings, presentation of film studies and countries, work in progress sections and meetings with representatives of television channels broadcasting animated film content.

This year, MIFA lasts from June 15 to 17, and Poland will be one of the exhibitors at the market for the fifth time. This year, at the stall of Polish Animations, prepared and organised by Krakow Film Foundation, with the support of Polish Film Institute, as many as twelve animated film studios are associated : Animoon, Badi Badi, EGo Film, Grupa Smacznego, Platige Image, Human Ark, Letko, MU Animation, Studio Miniatur Filmowych, Se-Ma-For, SPInka Film Studio and TREFL Studio. Polish producers will bring projects at various stages of productions, having an opportunity to find partners in Annecy. At the Polish stall, there will also be also representatives of institutions - Krakow Film Foundation and Polish Animation Producers Association.


You can read more about the festival and the market here.