On Saturday was held the award ceremony at Sardinia Film Festival. The Jury's Special Award went to the film "Pinky" by Tomasz Cichoń.

"Pinky” was given the Jury's Special Award in Sardinia. The jury honoured the film for its script play, cinematography and soundtrack, and they also appreciated the fact that the film emphasises that relationships between people have to be based on respect for other cultures.

In the film "Pinky," Tomek, Leszek and Seweryn steal an expensive car in a snatch'n' grab and then sell them to a fence. To celebrate a well-done job, they go for a beer to a nearby Vietnamese bar. Excited by their success, they shamelessly brawl with the bar's staff. They do not know yet that this night will be long and painful for them...

You can read more about the awards on the Festival's website.