There's still not much going on this month, but wherever there's an important festival there's no shortage of Polish short films. Check out where our filmmakers are likely to steal the hearts of new international audiences.

The end of January and beginning of February belongs to a French event. In Clermont-Ferrand there will be full of both our films and filmmakers. You can get to know the Polish delegation by reading this article. This year, two Polish animated films are in the festival's international competition. Five Minutes Older by Sara Szymańska and the Polish-Slovak Once There Was a Sea… by Joanna Kożuch. Julia Siuda's Fury will be presented in the LAB competition, while Andrzej Jobczyk's Airborne has a chance for the Young Audience Eco award.

A large representation of Polish short films can be found in Petit Plan: Europa III's program. Restart by Julian Tałandziewicz, Roots by Kuba Gryżewski, The Nest by Gracjana Piechula, East West by Natalia Koniarz, End of the World by Karol Ulman, Vyraj by Agnieszka Nowosielska, and Mother Dear Zuzanny Sorówki will all be competing for its awards.

The first half of the month will see the Dam Short Film Festival begin in the US, whose competition includes Bartosz Toboł's Test. The ANIMA Brussels International Animation Film Festival will start in Belgium in the second half of the month. Andrzej Jobczyk's Airborne and Julia Siuda's Fury will both be competing for the jury's attention.

At the end of the month, jurors and the audience of the Bulgarian In the Palace International Short Film Festival will get to see Nastazja Gonera's First Last Summer

A complete list of festival screenings is available here.