The last part of Marta Pajek's trilogy has just received another award. This time, the film has been noticed at the French PIAFF - Paris International Animation Film Festival for the best artistic concept.

PIAFF- Paris International Animation Film Festival  is an animated film event taking place in the capital of France. The program of the three-day event includes short films from all over the world.

This year, Marta Pajek's latest film was appreciated. Impossible Figures and Other Stories I received the award for the best artistic concept. 

After a big explosion, only a few seniors are left alive in a deserted city. The protagonist of the film, an old woman, walks the streets of the empty city with difficulty. She is surrounded by facades of empty houses with geometrically divided planes, monuments that reminiscent of past victories that are now completely meaningless and dead mannequins in store windows. The memories of those who will never come back to the city come back in short flashes. The first part of Marta Pajek's triptych is a post-apocalyptic vision of the world in which man and his existence mean no more than a fraction of a second. All three films are based on the concept of impossible figures.

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