The latest production by Damian Kocur has been named the best short film at the Austrian-Hungarian Blue Danube Film Festival.

Organisers of the Blue Danube Film Festival prioritise inspiring young talents from around the world to search for new forms of expression, to address pressing problems, to open up to new opportunities. The event boasts and extremely rich program, since it isn't limited to just presenting selected film genres. The festival showcases the most interesting independent productions from all over the globe. 

Damian Kocur's latest short film was one of such films. Beyond is the Day tells its story with black-and-white cinematography, amateur actors in main roles, and the small realism of Polish more remote regions. Paweł is a lonely man working on a small river ferry. Day after day he goes about the same activities until he stumbles upon Mohammad, an illegal immigrant. Paweł decides to help him. Finally, there is someone to talk to.

You can find out more about the festival here.