The short film by Konrad Kultys impressed the jury of the Manuel Trujillo Duran festival in Venezuela. The film received the main award, and Igor Kowalunas was recognised for his performance.

The Manuel Trujillo Duran festival is the oldest and most important festival held in Venezuela. The event's program includes both local production and those from the farthest corners of the globe.

One of such films was that by Konrad Kultys. Stagnant delighted the jury. In their justification, we can read that the production was appreciated “for achieving an insightful look into the life of the society and individuals; for the drama and its impeccable direction; for the bold, cruel, raw, yet compassionate and moving reception of the main character, who in his experiences first rejects and ultimately accepts his tragedy.”

The protagonist of the award-winning film is the tough skinhead Adam, who ignores his disability and tries to dominate his loved ones. His caring brother's decision to change jobs forces Adam to re-examine his situation and face his own limitations.

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