The film by Damian Kocur won another award. This time, the short film was appreciated by the jury of the Tehran International Short Film Festival.

Tehran International Short Film Festival is one of the oldest short film festivals in the entire region. The event has been very popular for years and is appreciated by both viewers and creators from around the world.

This year, three Polish films have been invited to compete at the Iranian event – "The Fear" by Pawlina Carlucci Sforza, "A Little Bit of Paradise" by Andrzej Cichocki, and the last film by Damian Kocur. It was "Beyond the Day" that delighted the jurors, making them recognise is as the best live-action film of the festival. 

Black-and-white cinematography, amateur actors in main roles, and the small realism of Polish more remote regions. Paweł is a lonely man working on a small river ferry. Day after day he goes about the same activities until he stumbles upon Mohammad, an illegal immigrant. Paweł decides to help him. Finally, there is someone to talk to.

You can learn more about the festival here.