Klaudia Kęska came back from France's Brest European Short Film Festival with three awards.

Brest European Short Film Festival is dedicated to short films. It has been organised since 1987 in the city of Brest in the French region of Brittany. The 36th edition of the festival was held on 9–14 November, 2021.

The short film by Klaudia Kęska has been invited to the international competition this year. The film enjoyed a very warm reception and came back with three awards. The production was recognised by the audience of the European Competition, the Young Jury, and the “Des Passeurs de Courts” federation composed of employees and volunteers of the Cinéphare cinema chain.

Last Days of Summer opens with a series of pleasant holiday shots but an assault on Yana – a young seasonal worker – soon interrupts this summer idyll at a thriving family vineyard. Only one person can confirm the victim's account: her friend Tosia. The teenager is faced with a difficult moral choice between justice and protecting her loved ones. What choice will she make?

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