The short film by Karina Węgiełek was named the best student film at the Brno Film Festival in the Czech Republic.

The mission of the Brno Film Festival is to discover and promote talented filmmakers from around the world and present their output to the audience gathered at the screenings in Brno, Czech Republic. The festival has a very diverse program. Viewers get to see dramas, documentaries, animated films, music videos, and experimental films. 

This year, Karina Węgiełek's film was invited to the student film competition. The short film Red met with universal acclaim and won the entire contest. 

Cigarettes, keys, cell phone, wallet – an unfinished life in a plastic police bag lying on the kitchen table. A father and his daughter look at the evidence of nothingness – silently measuring the distance between life and death. Ringing can be heard from inside the foil bag. A sound that will become an echo of mourning. Red shows “slices” from the lives of Judyta and her father Zbigniew in the days following the death of Judyta's brother – Marcin – in a car accident. Amid the blame-shifting, and guilt-seeking, a stranger – Red – suddenly enters the void left by their loved one. Will he accept the blame? And will that be enough? Will Judyta and Red become closer? Can anything new arise out of guilt at all? And what lies behind Zbigniew's loneliness and drinking? And who – actually – deserves to be punished the most…

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