We've learned the 25 short films that have a chance to be nominated for the European Film Awards. Damian Kocur's film is also included in this extremely prestigious group. The official gala will be held on 11 December in Berlin.

Presented since 1988 by the members of the European Film Academy, The European Film Award is the most prestigious award given to European films, considered equivalent to the American Oscar. The current head of the academy is Agnieszka Holland, who replaced Wim Wenders in this position. The first winner of the award was Krzysztof Kieślowski for “A Short Film About Killing”. Polish films have already been nominated for it several times and often won.

This year, Damian Kocur has a chance to be nominated, and later to win a statuette, for his short film “Beyond is the Day”. The film has already been recognised at the festivals in Clermont Ferrand, France, the Krakow Film Festival, and at the Trieste Film Festival in Italy.

Black-and-white cinematography, amateur actors in main roles, and the small realism of Polish more remote regions. Paweł is a lonely man working on a small river ferry. Day after day he goes about the same activities until he stumbles upon Mohammad, an illegal immigrant. Paweł decides to help him. Finally, there is someone to talk to.

A list of all films with a chance of being nominated can be found here.