Tadeusz Łysiak's film began its international career with success. After its Polish premiere at this year's Krakow Film Festival, "The Dress" won an acting award at the American Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival.

The Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival is one of the oldest cinema events in the United States. In 2020, its 38th edition took place. Among several dozen short films from around the world, there as many as five productions from Poland found their place in the programme: "Vacancy" by Agata Trzebuchowska, "Portrait of Suzanne" by Izabela Plucińska, "Red" by Karina Węgiełek, "Quiet Now" by Katarzyna Wiśniowska and "The Dress" by Tadeusz Łysiak. It was the latter title that triumphed last weekend in the United States, winning the award for Anna Dzieduszycka. In its justification, the jury complimented how nuanced and multi-layered the performance of the Polish actress was.

"The Dress" follows the story of Julia, who works at a roadside motel and is overwhelmed by the ubiquitous sense of rejection and loneliness. She is different and the society has made it very clear to her many times. She dreams of a relationship and physical intimacy with a man. Unexpectedly, she meets a handsome truck driver and her fantasies start revolving around him.

The complete list of award-winning films can be found on the official website of Flickers Rhode Island IFF.