On the 24th of October, during a press conference, we got to know all the films which are included in this year's programme of the festival IDFA. "Diagnosis" by Ewa Podgórska joined the ranks of other Polish productions, which were announced earlier.

We already know the full programme of the festival IDFA. The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam IDFA is the largest and one of the most important documentary film festivals in the world. Every year, it attracts over 280 thousand viewers, including over 3000 guests from the documentary film industry, and the films shown at the IDFA often become festival favourites later on. Being present at the festival is a prestigious distinction for every film, and this year, there are over 10 Polish films in the programme.

On the 24th of October, the programme of the last competition sections was revealed. "Diagnosis" by Ewa Podgórska, produced by Małgorzata Wabińska, is invited to the First Appearance competition.

"Diagnosis" is a record of a psychoanalytic therapy session, undergone by a city. The inhabitants participate in the sessions on the couch. It all starts in a quite innocent way, from answering funny questions, such as: what kind of animal is the city? This is how the inhabitants begin a journey into the depths of their own feelings and emotions towards the place where they live. The city itself becomes the starting point for intimate conversations. Though the protagonists keep changing, the story remains the same. Someone starts the story, and someone else finishes it, as if they shared a common fate and subconscious. The subconscious of the city where they live.

During recent weeks, the festival gradually revealed its programme, uncovering one section after another. The films "In Touch" by Paweł Ziemilski and the Belarussian-Polish co-production "Summa," directed by Andrei Kutsil, are invited to the medium-length documentary film competition. At the same time, the screening at the IDFA will be the world premiere of the film. Other films that can boast a world premiere in Amsterdam are the documentary "Connected" by Aleksandra Maciejczyk, competing in the student film competition and "Dancing For You" by Katarzyna Lesisz, participating in the competition Kids & Docs.

The film "Unconditional Love" by Rafał Łysak is invited by the selection committee to the short film competition. The international première of the film was held at the 58th Krakow Film Festival, where the film won the Golden Hobby-Horse.

In the new section "Luminos," there are two Polish productions. The first one is "Compulsory Figures" by Ewa Kochańska, and the second one is "Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski" by Irek Dobrowolski. This is a Polish-American co-production, the producers of which are, among others, Anna Dobrowolska and Leonardo DiCaprio and his father George DiCaprio.

In the non-competing section "Best of Fest," there is the French-Ukrainian-Polish co-production "Home Games," directed by Alisa Kovalenko.

During this edition of the festival, older Polish films are also featured. In the special programme "Me," the documentary films "Father and Son" by Paweł Łoziński and "Father and Son on a Journey" by Marcel Łoziński will be shown. The programme "Me" focuses on personal and autobiographical documentary films.