Portuguese festival DocLisboa finished last weekend. The award ceremony was very successful for "Guest" by Sebastian Weber - the film won two awards.

DocLisboa is the most important documentary film festival in Portugal. During this year's edition Sebastian Weber's film "Guest" received two awards. The first one was the Portuguese Authors Society award handed out by the international jury, and the other one the Ageas Insurance Award for best short film.

"Guest" depicts the life of a Polish farmer, Wojtek, and his immediate environment, shown through the eyes of a young Swiss filmmaker Sebastian. Despite harsh working conditions, which he has known since childhood, Wojtek has never lost his joy of life, warm-heartedness and humour. Living all alone in a big house, he likes to welcome guests in search of company and friends in need. It is here that Paweł, a young alcoholic with nowhere to go, finds shelter. Wojtek does his best to look after him. Is he up to the challenge?

The full list of the awarded films can be found here.