On the 25th of October, started the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival in the Czech Republic. In the programme of this year's edition, there are five Polish productions or co-productions.

Ji.hlava International Film Festival is one of the oldest documentary film festivals in Eastern and Central Europe. This year, five Polish productions or co-productions are included in the programme.

The first one of them is "Horse Riders" by Anna Gawlita, appearing in the section Short Joy. The film is a portrait of a village near Opole, where Easter Sunday is celebrated. In spite of the fact that there are almost no horses left in the village, the farmers borrow them in order to set out on a many hours' journey and circle the boundaries of the fields around the village. The film will have its international premiere in the Czech Republic.

In the same section, the short documentary film "Cake" by Małgorzata Goździk will appear. The film observes the relationship between the 100-year-old Ema and her sister Zofia, a couple of years younger, who are baking a cake together.

The film "The Betrayed Square" by the MML Collective, that is, Gilles Lepore and Michał and Maciej Mądracki, will have its world premiere in the section Between the Seas. This Polish-Swiss co-production documents the revolution in Egypt in 2011.

Another production is "#3511," directed by Isaac Stillwell, appearing in the section First Light. This is a production in which as many as five countries participated: Poland, Germany, Belgium, France and Australia. The film's main subject matter is migration and the integration of migrants into the new community. The world premiere of the film will be held in Jihlava. The film "aw • rah • nyoosh" by Ben Naufelds will also appear at the Ji.hlava festival. It is a co-production by a couple of countries, apart from Poland: Germany, Ukraine and the United States participated in it. The film tells the story about the experiences of a woman who survived a concentration camp.

You can read more about the films on the website of the Ji.hlava International Film Festival.