As every year, the East Silver Market gives an opportunity to watch over 40 latest documentaries produced or co-produced in Poland. Two of them have been nominated to the Silver Eye awards for the best documentaries shown during the Market.

The Silver Eye is a special prize awarded to the producer, not the director of a film. It is designed to support promotion and distribution of films abroad. The films taking part in the Market are divided into three categories – short, medium-length and full-length documentaries. Apart from a statuette, the winners receive a cash prize and a yearly representation of the film in the East Silver Caravan, which equals with the its promotion at over 130 most important film festivals worldwide.

This year, the Silver Eye nomination was granted to two Polish documentaries: "The Sisters" by Michał Hytroś and "Unconditional Love" by Rafał Łysak.

Apart from the nominated films, over forty other Polish films will participate in the East Silver Market.

Previously, Polish films were equally well-represented at the East Silver Market, and what is more, many got the Silver Eye awards. Last year the award went to "Dust" by Jakub Radej.

You can find the full list of the films nominated for the Silver Eye awards on the East Silver's website.