The film directed by Tomasz Protokowicz won in the best school film category at Ariano International Film Festival, organised in Ariano Irpino, Italy. The fourth edition of the festival ended last Saturday.

The aim of the festival is to promote film culture. The event is an opportunity for meetings and mutual support of various entities in the film industry, a contribution to better understanding of the history of Italian and international cinema. To honour the occasion, Italian film personalities were present at this year's edition, such as the actors Enrico Montesano and Enrico Lo Verso. The short feature film by Tomasz Protokowicz, "A Long Time Ago in Silesia,"  was chosen the best school film at this edition of the festival.

The film tells about twin brothers, Rysiek and Stefan, who live in an orphanage run by nuns. It is located in a small Silesian town, where Poles and Germans live next to each other. They had bad luck as they grow up in one of the most abominable periods in the history of this place - in the period of the third Reich.  Soon their roads would part in order to cross several years later, in extremely unpleasant circumstances.

The film's producer is the Film School Mastershot.

You can find more information on the festival's website