The animated film SUMMER 2014 by Wojciech Sobczyk was given three awards at the 9th Forum for Animation Films.

"Summer 2014"by Wojciech Sobczyk won the awards: for the best animated film, for the best idea and the prize of Creativity which is the second prize of the Forum. The film-maker will receive a diploma, a medal and a cash prize.

The animated film by Sobczyk is rough but poetic, played on the note of grey, treatise on the desire for domination and violence as the driving force of history. After a great battle, an apocalyptic landscape spreads around. Big fire devours everything. On a dead field, pennants flutter, signifying nothing. Summer 2014" depicts history as a series of recurrent plagues and disasters, among which humankind, trying to find his place, gets more and more lost and falls more and more painfully. It is worthwhile to remind that the film was nominated for the EFA award at the 54th Krakow Film Festival.

In the competition, there were also other Polish animated films: "under_construction" by Marcin Wojciechowski, "Moko" by Marta Szymańska, "But she’s nice" by Tomasz Pilarski and "Woolen Cogwheels" by Bartosz Kędzierski. The competition films will be shown from February 18 to 24.