The animated film by Basia Rupnik has been recognised as the best production of the DOK Leipzig international short film competition. And Tomek Popakul and Kasumi Ozeki's "Zima" left the German festival with an honorable mention.

DOK Leipzig is one of the leading events in the world of documentary and animated film. The latest productions from several dozen countries are presented each year in Leipzig. This year's program has included 225 films and VR projects from approximately 60 countries, including Poland.

One of the Polish films in the program was an animation by Barbara Rupik. Such Miracles Do Happen received the Golden Dove – the main prize in the international short film competition. 

In the winning film, all the sculptures in the area come to life. They come out of roadside chapels, leave their pedestals, and slowly start marching forward, all in the same direction. They don't even stop for a moment. People are observing this phenomenon with growing anxiety. No one knows why the figures are moving and where they are going. Only a little girl, with a boneless body, is delighted with this procession of unusual characters. Without muscles, they walk, although they shouldn't. How strange!

In turn, Tomek Popakul and Kasumi Ozeki's "Zima" received an honorable mention at the festival.

Mosaic portrait of a small fisherman's village where human to human, human to animal, animal to animal interdepend on a delicate balance of warm tender care and cold emotional cruelty. An eerie story of loneliness and community narrated with magical realism.

A list of all awarded films can be found here.