Michał Toczek's film captivated another group of jurors. This time, the short fiction film won the Grand Prix at the Brest Short Film Festival.

The Brest Short Film Festival is the second most important French event entirely dedicated to short films. Each year, around 200 titles from all over the world are showcased there. Since 1987, the festival has been organized by the Côte Ouest association

A Dead Marriage – the winning film – is a bittersweet story about two people meeting in unusual circumstances. Filip is a middle-aged man. He works as a professional film extra, specializing in playing dead bodies. On the set of a historical film, he meets Łucja, who plays the role of a dead woman. When lying on top of each other during shots and playing their roles, Filip and Łucja start developing a relationship.

The list of all winners can be found here.