The Leeds International Film Festival concluded last Sunday. The animated film by Barbara Rupik "Such Miracles Do Happen" was noticed by the jury and received a Special Mention.

Produced by the Lodz Film School, Barbara Rupik's Such Miracles Do Happen has yet another award to its name. The jury of the Leeds International Film Festival – composed of Christopher Childs, Laura N-Tamara, and Bára Anna Stejskalová – presented the film with a Special Mention and said that “this stop-motion had defied our expectations with strong uncanny qualities. We had appreciated the uniqueness of the voice and style in Such Miracles Do Happen”.

In Rupik's film one day, all the statues in the area come to life. They leave the roadside shrines and pedestals and calmly set off straight ahead, all in the same direction. They do not even stop for a moment. People watch the phenomenon with growing anxiety. None of them knows why and where they go. Only a little girl with a boneless body marvels at the procession of the unusual figures with pure fascination. They walk without muscles, though they should not be able to walk. How strange!

The 37th edition of the Leeds festival was held on 3–19 November. The program featured one more animated film from Poland – There Are People in the Forest by Szymon Ruczyński. The list of all awarded films can be found on the festival's website.