The short fiction by Klaudia Kęska and Andrea Guizar's animated short returned from the 63. International Film Festival BRNO16 with awards. The former was appreciated by the audience and the latter by the Jury, which gave it a special mention.

Established in 1960, International Short Film Festival BRNO16 is one of the oldest film festivals in the world. Every year, the event attracts crowds of viewers and numerous short filmmakers from all over the world. This year's edition was held on 12–16 October 

and two Polish short film left Brno with awards. The attendees were delighted with Klaudia Kęska's fiction film Last Days of Summer. The awarded film takes place in a thriving family vineyard. The summer idyll is interrupted by an assault on one of its young seasonal workers – Yana. Only one person can confirm the victim's account: her friend Tosia. The teenager has to face a difficult moral choice between seeking justice and protecting her loved ones. What will she choose? 

In turn, Toothless by Andrea Guizar is one of the six titles that were honoured with a special mention by the jury. The film is an animated, narrative film essay. It was created using drawings from old anatomy textbooks, illustrations featured in esoteric magazines, and audio tracks taken from online videos available in the public domain. Moving from the individual to the collective unconscious, it tells the story of the existential journey undertaken by a toothless heroine in pyjamas.

A list of all the winners can be found here.