This time, the animated film by the Kijek/Adamski duo received a special mention at the PÖFF Shorts festival in Estonia.

PÖFF Shorts is part of the Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) event. It's one of the most important short and animated film festivals in the region. Its mission is to show viewers the best animated and short films in the world. The festival belongs to the prestigious group of Oscar-qualifying festivals.

The recognised Slow Light by the Kijek/Adamski duo is a film about a man who only sees everything he looks at after seven years because his eyes are so slow to let the light through. A delayed view of events causes the protagonist's emotional immaturity and failures in life. Using a mixed animation technique, the film combines two timelines in a poster-like fashion and utilises visual tells to convey the protagonist's story.

A list of all the winners of this year's edition can be found here.