The film, directed by Bartosz Toboła, was included in the short film competition of the most important festival in the country - the Cyprus International Film Festival. He gained recognition in the eyes of the jurors by winning one of the awards.

In 2020, the festival, which is based in Nicosia, celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. During this edition, only one film represented Polish cinema - Bartosz Toboła's "The Test". It received an award in the GOT TALENT category, awarding the creator of the best debut film.

It's been said that in a near death experience, you can see your entire life flash before your eyes. Memories move and blink like views from a dashing train. 'The memory scan procedure doesn't carry any risks to your health or life', Weronika has been told. Stuck between memories and reality, fiction and thruth she's trying to resist intervention to her stranded mind.