Michał Hytroś's film received four awards at the Monochrome Film Festival in London, devoted to short films created in black and white.

Founded in 2019, Monochrome Film Fest honors the work of filmmakers who decide to create black and white short films. Its authors point out that working on such a cinema requires completely different approach and imagination, so they honor not only directors and cinematographers, but the entire creative team. This year, Michał Hytros' film "Recharge" received the greatest number of awards. Not only did he receive the Best Film award, but also ones for the Best Science-Fiction Film, Best Cinematography for Adam Pluciński and Best Actress for Aleksandra Bożek.

She (name unknown) sinks into this unbearable silence, far away from the external world, locked in her unconquered house-fortress. We do not know who she is, do not know why she made the decisions that got her to the current place - the place that is surrounded by emptiness.