After October and November, with both chock full of Polish short films presented at international festivals, the last month of 2020 is shaping up to be a moment of rest. In December, audiences will have the opportunity to watch Polish short in, among others, Colombia, Canada, and the Czech Republic.

Three festivals whose programs feature Polish short films are starting on the first day of December. The 38th edition of Tous Courts Festival d'Aix-en Provence is held in France and its competition segment features Damian Kocur's “My Heart” and “Hi, how are you” directed by Michał Chmielewski. At the same time, Katarzyna Warzecha's “We Have One Heart” and Julia Orlik's “I’m Here” will be screened at the Canadian Les Sommets du Cinéma d’Animation. On the other side of the Pacific, in Macau, “Ricochets” by Jakub Radej and “Restart” by Julian Tałandziewicz will be competing for awards at the Macau International Short Film Festival.

The Czech festival Brno 16 will also take place in December, having been postponed from October, with its competition segment including three Polish animated films: Tomek Popakul's “Acid Rain”, Marta Koch's “Such a Beautiful Town”, and Zuzanna Grajcewicz's “Dog Days”. Popakul's film will also have a chance to win at the Belgian Leuven Short Film Festival. At the Aguilar Film Festival in Spain, Tałandziewicz's “Restart” will be seeking the jury's recognition, Paulina Ziółkowska's “Bless You!” will be screened at the Beijing International Film Festival, while Piotr Sułkowski's “Play” will be competing at the Around International Film Festival.

The highest number of Polish shorts was included in the program of the Colombian Bogoshorts festival. Its competition features “Plantarium” by Tomasz Ducki, “We Have One Heart” by Katarzyna Warzecha, “Dog Days” by Zuzanna Grajcewicz, and “The Stone” by Bartosz Kozera. A few days later, the Catch the Moon International Children & Youth Animated Film Festival will begin in Italy, with Anastazja Naumenko's “We Hope You Won't Need to Come Back” included in its competition. At the same time, Karina Węgiełek's “Red” is going to seek awards at the East Europe International Film Festival – Fusion held in Warsaw.