The Italian festival Imaginaria will continue for a few more days, but the jury has already decided that one of the awards will go to Marta Koch for her animation "Such A Beautiful Town".

Imaginaria International Animated Film Festival takes place in the beautiful medieval Italian city of Conversano. It is the first and so far only international animation festival in the region. The organizers combine a family atmosphere with professionalism and high artistic level of selected films.

This year, the program featured three productions by Polish animators - "A Woman's Portrait" by Natalia Durszewicz, "Aquarium" by Jagoda Czarnowska and "Such a Beautiful Town" by Marta Koch.

The awarded animation shows a morning in a woman's life. The protagonist wakes up, goes to the window and, to her surprise, notices her boyfriend kissing another woman on the street. Confused, she runs out of the apartment to confront him, but the man is no longer there. In order to find him, the woman sets off on a lonely journey through the city, which becomes more and more stuffy and unfavorable with each successive street. The streets are getting more narrow and the people she passes seem to have hostile intentions towards her. Terrified, she watches the world she knew change as more dangers await her around every corner. The lonely journey turns out to be tragic for the protagonist. The woman returns to her apartment, aware that nothing will ever be the same as before.

The festival began on August 24 and will last for the next four days.

A list of all awarded films can be found here.