Gabi Bania's film was appreciated by the jury of the American Slo Film Fest.

San Luis Obispo International Film Festival (Slo Film Fest) is a festival dedicated to independent film productions from around the world. Although this year's edition of the event was canceled, it was decided that the awards for best films will still be given out. One of them turned out to be Polish short animation by Gabi Bania.

The production of a student of the film high school at the Warsaw Film School was recognized in the "Filmmakers of Tomorrow" category and honored with the best animation award. "Lignum Love" is a film about love. The picture is made up of symbolic images that show love on three different levels, in three different aspects. The first - love that we can see in the nature and surrounding us. It is thanks to her that a new life is created and there is peace and harmony. The second - interpersonal love, for a loved one. This love is the key to happiness on our way of life and makes us feel needed and fulfilled. The third - human love for nature, of which we are part of, although we forget about it so often. We cannot live without her, we owe her our existence and we will come back to her to connect with her forever, when we finish the path of our life. Without this love we could not exist, we need it to live in harmony with the world around us. The film also brings reflection on the subject of transience. One life gives rise to a new one. Life, death, nature, people, trees, we are all connected and we form one common circle.

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