This March, Polish short films turned out to be particularly interesting for the selectors of international festivals and this is why there are lots of them. The main festival destinations this coming month turned out to be France, Great Britain and the United States.

The first major festival in March, at which Polish shorts will appear, is the Finnish Tampere Film Festival, where the jury will evaluate "Portrait of Suzanne" by Izabela Plucińska and "Acid Rain" by Tomek Popakul. At the same time, the Festival Filministes starts in Canada, for whose competition "Pussy" by Renata Gąsiorowska qualified. As many as three Polish animated films qualified for the French European Film Festival of Lille: "Ovule" by Natalia Durszewicz, "Story" by Jola Bańkowska and "Tango of Longing" by Marta Szymańska.

In the first weeks of March, there will be no lack of short feature films at international festivals. "Red" by Karina Węgiełek will be shown at two British festivals: the Crystal Palace International Film Festival and the Manchester Film Festival. At the latter, "What Remains" by Eliza Godlewska and Alan Ruczyński will also be shown in the competition. „Play” will also have new screenings. The film by Piotr Sułkowski will have a chance to win the awards at the American Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema and at the Nigerian Eko International Film Festival.

On the 11th of March start as many as four European festivals, at which Polish animated films will be shown. In Austria, at the Tricky Women/Tricky Realities, the jury will evaluate "The Little Soul" by Barbara Rupik, "Metro" by Natalia Krawczuk and "Story." The film by Bańkowska will be simultaneously shown at the Slovakian Febiofest Bratislava and at the German International Short Film Week Regensburg, where it is included in the competition together with "You Are Overreacting" by Karina Paciorkowska, "Norma" by Agata Mianowska and "Portrait of Suzanne" by Plucińska. At the same time, in France, the International Encounters Traverse is held, for whose competition the following films qualified: "The Other" by Marta Magnuska, "Oh, God!" by Betina Bożek and "Red Light Train" by Alicja Kot.

A week later starts the Roanne Animation Short Film Festival, in whose competition"Bless You!" by Paulina Ziółkowska and "Story" will be shown. At the Akbank Short Film Festival, "The Little Soul" by Rupik and "Restart" by Julian Tałandziewicz will compete for the awards, in turn, in the United States, these films will be evaluated: "Play" by Sułkowski (at the SOMA Film Festival), "Story" (at the San Luis Obispo Film Festival) and "Leather" by Karolina Borgiasz (at the GLAS Animation Festival). A little to the north, at the Canadian International Festival of Films on Art, "Sunset" by Marcin Giżycki will be shown.

In mid-March, Polish short films will leave a particularly strong mark on the Iberian Peninsula, mainly thanks to two festivals. At the Portuguese MONSTRA Lisbon Animation Festival, there will be the screenings of "The Hunt" by Mateusz Jarmulski, "Acid Rain" by Tomek Popakul and "Story" by Bańkowska. These three films, with the addition of "The Little Soul" by Rupik and "Portrait of Suzanne" by Plucińska, are included in the competition at the Spanish Mecal Pro, the Barcelona International Short and Animation Festival. At the same time, on the other side of Europe, the Vilnius Film Festival will take place, in the competition of which there are "Bitten" by Helena Oborska and "The Little Soul."

The largest festival in March, as far as the number of Polish shorts is concerned, is the KINOFILM Manchester International Short Film Festival. In its programme, there are as many as ten Polish films: "Inappetance" and "On the Web" by Katarzyna Babicz, "Station" by Arkadiusz Bartosiak, "Dreamland" by Natalia Parzymies, "Aisha" by Piotr Łukasik, "Wiki" by Veronika Andersson, "Cliffs of Infatuation" by Tomasz Kurlej, "High Heels" by Juan Bermudez, "Three Years.1 night" by Bartosz Jakub Jasiński and "Motorcycle" by Krzysztof Chodorowski. At the same time, in England, the Beeston Film Festival is also held, in the competition of which there are two Polish feature films: "Play" by Sułḱowski and "Red" by Karina Węgiełek.

In the penultimate week of March, "You Are Overreacting" will be shown in the competition at the Friss Hús Budapest International Short Film Festival, in turn, "Portrait of Suzanne" will compete for the awards at the French Festival du Film de Fontenay-le-Comte. In the competition at the Dutch Cinedans Festival, as many as two Polish animated films will be shown: "III" by Marta Pajek and "Tango of Longing" by Marta Szymańska. "The Little Soul" by Rupik has a chance to win the award at the American Filmfort Festival, whereas "Skinny" by Daniel Stopa will vie for the laurels at the 11mm International Football Film Festival in Berlin. "Play" by Sułkowski will finish March with two screenings more: at the Speechless Film Festival in the United States and at the Melkbos International Film Festival in the Republic of South Africa.

For Polish short films, March will end with a bang. On the penultimate day of this month, the 21st Festival International du Film d'Aubagne - Music & Cinema will start in France, the programme of which includes as many as six Polish films. "Cradle Me" by David Tejer, "Tango of Longing" by Szymańska and "Portrait of Suzanne" by Plucińska have a chance to win awards, whereas, in the non-competing sections, the viewers will watch "Squaring the Circle" by Karolina Specht, "Bless You!" by Ziółkowska and "You Are Overreacting" by Paciorkowska. At the same time, the following festivals are also held: the Carrousel International Festival in Canada, in whose competition there is "Thicket" by Adrianna Matwiejczak, and the French festival CineClass, at which "Daughter" by Mara Tamkovich will compete for the awards. The last festivals in March are the French Les Rencontres d’Aflam, during which "Milky Brother" by Vahram Mkhitaryan will be shown and the Aspen Shortfest, in whose programme there is "Story."