As many as three Polish films were appreciated by the jury of the Etiuda competition at this year's edition of the festival in Krakow. The honourable mentions went to the films "Fascinatrix," "Bitten" and "The Crossword."

This year, the festival Etiuda&Anima was held in Krakow for the twenty-sixth time. The event, dedicated to student films, turned out to be extremely successful for Polish film-makers: from among six films qualified for the short film competition, as many as three won awards.

Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz received the honourable mention for the best music in the film "Bitten" by Helena Oborska. The jury justified their choice in the following way: "for building the climate and atmosphere that further emphasize the subject of the film." The film by Oborska tells the story of Zofia who, together with her friend, goes to the seaside to a special resort. In the enclave, a mysterious man appears with his wife. Zofia knows his face.

The second honourable mention for a Polish film was the best costume design award for Marzena Wojciechowska in the film "Fascinatrix." In the justification of the honourable mention for the film by the Justyna Mytnik, the audience could hear that the exceptionally unique costumes transported the jury into the world of the narrated story. "Fascinatrix" is a musical about a vengeful fugitive who disguises herself as a witch hunter and comes to the Castle of the Inquisition...

The last of the honourable mentions for a Polish film, given at this year's festival Etiuda&Anima, was the award for Andrzej Walden for his role in the film "The Crossword." The jury appreciated the way in which Walden combined his acting skills with the wisdom of the portrayed character. The film by Jan Bujnowski tells the story of an elderly man solving a crossword, in which he encounters various clues. Some of them are easier, others are more difficult, but they are always somehow connected with the events from his life. Can a seemingly simple brain teaser become something more than just a way to pass the time?

In the competition at the Etiuda&Anima, the viewers could also watch the following films: "Lolo" (dir. Michał Piotrowski), "Strawberry Boys" (dir. Michał Toczek) and "The Turtle Cave," dir. Klaudia Folga.