Spain once again turned out to be a lucky country for the film by Bartosz Reetz. It was there, at the festival Cinemistica, where "The Stop" was awarded one of the main prizes.

The festival Cinemistica concentrates on the transcendental cinema - one that searches for the answers to the question about the meaning of being human on a philosophical, psychological, anthropological, spiritual, scientific and poetic level. This year, the event was held for the sixth time. "The Stop" won the best short film award in the category "Free Cinema."

"The Stop" is set on the day where the results of the secondary school final exams are announced, during the final course of the Motor Transport Company bus. The fill tells the story of Jakub's last visit to his school - the moment when one stage of his life ends and the wait for the beginning of another stage starts.

You can find the full list of the winners on the official website of the festival.