The film by David Tejer received the third prize in the international competition at the Spanish festival Alcine.

The Alcine is one of the most important and the oldest short film festivals in Spain. This year, the festival was held for the 48th time.  The Alcine includes two main competitions - Spanish and European, as well as many accompanying sections. Within the frames of the festival, for several years a special industry event has been organised - the section Short Latino. In this year's programme, there were numerous meetings, lectures and presentations enabling the meetings between the European and Latin American professionals, representing short film industry.   

Three Polish productions were included in this year's programme of the festival. You could find the animated films "Journey to the Magic Waterfall" by Bogna Kowalczyk and "An eye for an eye" by Julia PÅ‚och in the non-competing sections. 

The award-winning "Cradle Me" by David Tejer is a story about a young woman who, on the morning of her birthday, wakes in her bed next to a stranger - Shay, a tourist from Tel Aviv. When memories of last night come back to Emilia, she remembers that a condom had broken during their intercourse. The girl decided to get rid of Shay as soon as possible, explaining to him than in Poland she needs a prescription for the "day after pill." She tries to convince him that she would cope perfectly. However, Shay insists that he would not leave her alone in this situation.

The list of all films awarded at the festival can be found here.