The animated film by Karina Paciorkowska was awarded again at the Swiss festival. This time, the film was recognised by the jury of the 18th edition of the Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival.

The Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival was established in 2000 and immediately attracted thousands of viewers passionate about independent cinema and niche music. After a one-year break, the organisers decided to continue the festival adventure. Since 2002, the event has started to take place regularly and from edition to edition, it enjoys increasing popularity.

The award-winning Polish animated film was shown in the short film competition, and it was evaluated by a three-person jury consisting of Rose Pietola, Maryke Oosterhoff and Alan Licht.

"You Are Overreacting" is a hand-drawn animated film, trying to ask questions about women's place in contemporary reality. The film is inspired by everyday life, statements of public figures and by the manner in which the media talk about women.

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