Both films are included on the list of award-winners of the Cinematic Achievement Awards at the international short film festival Thess, held every year in Thessaloniki.

It was only yesterday that we informed you about the award for the film by Piotr SuĊ‚kowski at the International Polish Film Festival in Warsaw, and today "Play" was awarded once again. Together with "Bitter Herb" by Maria Ornaf, it was shown at the Thess International Short Film Festival, which was held from the 17th to the 20th of October. Today we got acquainted with the results of the jury's deliberation and its decision to award both films.

"Bitter Herb" is a story about lost childhood, which cannot be made up for and hangs like a curse over the rest of a person's life. About the bitterness which we inherit and carry throughout our entire lives like poison. About the legacy received from our parents and ancestors which, passed down from generation to generation, determines our fate and our path. Is it possible to break with this legacy?

"Play" tells the story of a man consumed by the sense of guilt because he was not brave enough to defend his mother. He plays the role of her murderer and forces his ten-year-old self to confront the trauma.