The animated film by Marcin Podolec was appreciated at the Belarusian festival ANIMAEVKA.

International Animated Film Festival "ANIMAEVKA" was founded in 1998 in Minsk, and its initiator was the director of the animated studio "BelarusFilm" Igor Volchek. Originally, the festival was supposed to focus, most of all, on the promotion of the native productions, but with the passing of time, the programme started to grow, accepting more and more international films. Currently at the festival you can watch animated films from over 40 countries, including Poland.

This year, only one Polish production was invited to the competition and it was the award-winning film by Marcin Podolec. The animated film was appreciated for a creative study of portraying phobias. 

"Colaholic" is the journal of a person who drinks too much sweet carbonated drinks, a documentary film and a romantic comedy in one. The film is produced by Yellow Tapir Films.

This year's edition of the festival was held from the 24th to the 27th of October.

The list of all award-winners can be found here.