At the beginning of October the 11th edition of CinEast Festival will begin in Luxemburg. Three Polish shorts were invited to the competition.

CinEast Central and Eastern European Film Festival every year presents the latest and most interesting films from 20 Central and Eastern European countries. The audience of the 18-day-long festival will be able to see over 60 feature films and around 40 short ones. In the program, apart from documentaries, shorts and animations, one can find concerts, meetings with the invited guests, exhibitions and debates.

This year three Polish productions were invited to the short film competition: fiction film "Heimat" by Emi Buchwald and animations "III" by Marta Pajek and "Bless You!" by Paulina Ziółkowska.

"Heimat" tells a story of five members of a quite specific family, who meet at the police station in a small town. Three grown-up children have to testify against a man who beat up their father. The incident took place at the same time when the youngest daughter, 20-year-old Nastka, moved out and left the parents by themselves.

Marta Pajek's animation, produced by Animoon, is the third part of the "Impossible Figures and Other Stories" triptych. It is a portrait of a woman in an uneasy and exhausting relation with a man, which pulls closer and pushes away with the same strength.

Film "Bless You!" was produced by the Łódź Film School. "Bless You!" tells a story of a group of people waiting at the bus stop on a sunny day. Suddenly more and more of them start to sneeze. The epidemic breaks out. However, in the midst of the sneezing chaos, it turns out that the worst thing you can do is to get sick of yourself.

More information about the festival can be found here.