The animated film by Michał Socha received the Animation Award at the Landshut Short Film Festival which concluded recently.

The Landshut Short Film Festival is an annual event devoted to short films of various genres and from multiple countries. Held in Landshut, Germany, it makes for an important platform for creators specialising in short forms to present their output and exchange experiences with other industry members. The festival attracts both local audiences and international guests, and becomes an inspiring and dynamic environment for short form enthusiasts.

The hero of the awarded animated film Crush is an ambitious thief who wants to steal a precious diamond from a heavily guarded vault. However, what he doesn't expect is a competitor – a femme fatale with the same goal. The rivalry for the diamond slowly turns into a mutual fascination that transports the couple into a world somewhere between fantasy and reality. Their duel teeters on the border between danger and sensual flirt. The film mixes a heist film and a love story on the verge of the absurd.

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