The film by Zuza Banasińska was honoured with the Teddy Award for Best Queer Short Film at this year's Berlin festival. The director's work was showcased in the Forum Expanded section.

Forum Expanded presents experimental and interdisciplinary film projects, enriching the festival's offer with innovative forms of visual art. It's a space where artists explore diverse themes and techniques, seeking new ways to express their ideas and experiences.

The director created the Teddy-awarded film as part of VNLab classes at the Łódź Film School and in co-production with the Education Film Studio, which provided students with access to over 300 films from its archive.

Made from materials shared by the Education Film Studio, Grandmamauntsistercat tells the story of a matriarchal family, seen through the eyes of a child grappling with a propagandistic reality full of ideological slogans. The footage was originally created as educational and propaganda tools in communist Poland but were transformed for the film, thus becoming a kind of carrier of the author's memories.

The list of all awarded films can be found here.