This time, the short film by Bartosz Reetz has been awarded at the International Film Festival “Prvi kadar” in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The International Film Festival "Prvi kadar” is an event held in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This year's edition took place in the eastern part of Sarajevo and Zvornik. The organisers' mission is to promote cinema among the local audience. The programme is rich, with two competition segments for documentaries and shorts from all over the world, as well as numerous and very attractive non-competitive sections. 

This year, the audience got to see Bartosz Reetz's Tramway in the short film contest. The film received the First Framed Award. 

A tram is leaving the depot in the morning. A young teacher starts another day and goes to work. A chance meeting on the tram makes long-dormant longings return.

You can find out more about the festival here.