As many as two Polish animated films were invited to the competition segment of one of the most important independent cinema festivals. Soon Daria Kopiec's “Your Own Bullshit” and Yelyzaveta Pysmak's “My Fat Arse and I” will get the opportunity to bring back awards from South By South West.

Alongside the Sundance festival, Austin's South By South West (SXSW) is one of the most important independent cinema events in the US. In addition to film screenings, intermedia activities and the music side of the festival make up an important part of the event. There is also no shortage of meetings and discussion panels for cinema buffs. The event is held every year in mid-March, but due to the pandemic, the 2020 edition was cancelled. 

Only 12 productions were invited to the international competition for the best short animated film, including two films from Poland. 

“Your Own Bullshit” by Daria Kopiec is an intimate family story. There is nothing better than having a dinner with your loved ones. Although it resembles a looped scenario that keeps repeating itself endlessly. And although – in between every bite– you have to swallow the words of your loved ones. At times bitter. At times so repetitive that it makes you want to throw up. Recited with unwavering tenacity for many long years.

In turn, Yelyzaveta Pysmak's “My Fat Arse and I” tells the story of a girl who suddenly can no longer fit into her pants. It turns out she can't button them at all. Shocked, the girl sees herself as a huge, fat pig in the mirror. She decides to go on a strict diet immediately. No candy, no soda – just water with a tiny bit of lemon juice. All is going well, but along with the fat, so is her joy of life being sucked away.

This year's edition of the festival will be held from March 16 to 20.

A list of all qualified films can be found here.

You can watch the interviews with both directors for "Focus on Poland" Magazine - Daria Kopiec (here) and Yelyzaveta Pysmak (here)