The creator of the film"Story" won the prestigious Young Director Award for the best animated film director.

The Young Director Award is a prize given to young film-makers from all over the world. The awards are a great chance for beginner directors who, thanks to this distinction, have a bigger opportunity of becoming known on the international arena and in this way obtaining funds for making new projects and receiving support from the foreign producers.

The awards are granted in several categories, among others, for the best advertisement, the best music video, the best student film and for Internet projects. This year, the Green Screen award for the best young animated film-maker went to Jola Bańkowska.

The award-winner was born in 1992.  From 2012 to 2017, she was a student of the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Twice, she was the winner of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards and of the Minister's of Culture and National Heritage Scholarship (2016). The animated film "Story" had its premiere at the Berlinale.

"Story" is an ironic series of several scenes, telling us how everyday life gets mixed with the digital world. Watched through the medium of the "story" today a popular function on most social media, it presents lonely, lost people who are sometimes indifferent to the reality around them. The film was produced by the Munk Studio and Letko.

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