The surreal film by Katarzyna Miechowicz received a special mention at the recently concluded Fest Anča festival.

Fest Anča is the only event in Slovakia that focuses entirely on animated films.  The aim of the festival is to popularise animation and increase awareness of animated film as an independent art form. 

During this year's edition, Katarzyna Miechowicz's film Crumbs of Life received an award. The film follows the intertwining, and sometimes absurd, adventures of three protagonists. Una leads a quiet life with her hairy partner; the idyll is shaken when, for unspecified reasons, she starts feeling a peculiar anxiety about her own foot. G., who works in TV, during his interview with a flock of plump ponies, is cursed by being spat on. It looks like the suspicious Faceless Man is dipping his toes in all of this and – to make matters worse – he's probably in on it with the ponies.

A list of all the winners can be found here.