"Before dawn" by Łukasz Borowski is a documentary road film, in which father and son set out on a double journey: through the wilderness on the Albanian mountains and on a journey to their own hearts.

At first glance, the protagonists are two different worlds. Jarek (the father) is strong, energetic, knows a lot about cars. In turn, Marcin (the son) spends the majority of his time in front of the mirror (in case of the journey, in front of the car mirror), primps his hair, files his nails, he is a type of androgenic beauty with many feminine features. So the first minutes of the film by Borkowski concentrate on showing the differences between the protagonists: when Jarek says that during the journey they would have to roll up their sleeves and do odd repairs of the car, Marcin defends himself using his lack of knowledge about motorisation. He remains unmoved also when Jarek asks him to help him to pitch a tent. But the nearer to their aim they are, the closer their relationship becomes, and after several trials of strength they make up a harmonious and complementary duo. The obstacles which they have to face are not elements which exacerbate the conflict, on the contrary, they become the reason to work together and to look into the heart of the partner. 

The crucial moment of the film, and of the journey as well, is the situation where the enormous jeep of the protagonists gets stuck in the mud. Now, Jarek and Marcin can rely only on themselves, so they roll up their sleeves together and get down to work. Overcoming the obstacle breaks all barriers and a sincere, emotional, but not bombastic conversation takes place between the protagonists. After all this, there is a symbolic role reversal: now it is Marcin who gets behind the wheel of his father's car and together they set out to continue the journey.

Watching the film by Łukasz Borowski, we get the impression that only the journey together and overcoming obstacles is the key to create a close relationship between father and son, as well as between the documentary film-maker and his protagonists. The journey and the beautiful views of the high mountains in Albania are only the background of the story which takes place  in the human heart.