The short fiction film by Jan Bujnowski stole the hearts of the jurors at Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo and won the main prize in its international competition.

Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo is one of the more important Spanish film festivals entirely dedicated to short films. The program features as many as six competitions, both international and domestic. Viewers have the opportunity to see animated shorts, documentaries, fiction films, and even music videos.  

Among those invited to the international short narrative competition was Jan Bujnowski's The Devil. The film delighted the jury and left the event with the main prize in its category.

In surveys on the religiousness of Poles conducted by the OBOP polling centre in the 1990s, the percentage of believers has always been around 95%.  At the same time, the unemployment rate was also reaching record highs. The crisis reinforced the society's need for spirituality, which allowed things to happen that would not necessarily have been possible in any other era…

The list of all awarded films can be found here.